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Review: The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Series: Mistborn ERA 1 (3/3)

Book World: The Cosmere

The Hero of Ages is the third, and final entry in the Mistborn trilogy but not the world of Scardial.

Ruin is coming to end the world, quite literally. Our heroes are giving one last ditch effort to save their planet from impending doom, everything including hope, water, food, – is in short supply.

Make no mistake, plot gets grim. Yet somehow this book ends up easily being the most enjoyable of the series.

The point of views in the story expands from Vin, Elend and Sazed to TenSoon and Spook.

When a novel really makes me feel, it becomes dearer and more precious to me than any other book. It shines brighter, dark as the tale may be, tearful as it may make me. But that's what readers are trying to find.. A story that speaks to their heart and soul, pours emotion into them, making them feel everything the characters are feeling, and lingers well after the last page. And this is what I treasure. Any novel that may do that to me, albeit it's going to not be the best written or executed, is one to be cherished dearly. This novel stands out though. Not only does it cause you to feel deeply, but it's also outstanding world building, a fantastic cast of characters that you simply love dearly, and an excellent execution of a story that leaves you in breathless awe.

Dear readers if you have not picked up the Mistborn Era-1 trilogy, do it now and get lost in the risky and misty streets of Luthadel with Vin.

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