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Review: The Beauty of Darkness

The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Remnant Chronicles (3/3)

The perfect finale to the action-packed series. Loved reading every bit of it. The time just flew by as I was enthralled and captivated by the story especially the vivid and beautifully described landscapes. The plot for the third book was well-written, structured, and perfect.

This book focused more on Lia and her transformation into the Queen we see her becoming in the last book. It finishes her arc from a runway princess to the cold, vengeful Queen who would do anything to protect those who need protection and to make sure her loved ones, ones that trusted her are safe and happy. Rafe had a remarkable character development from a prince who goes to find his runaway bride to a king who lets go of the girl he loved for her kingdom. He truly is dynamic and righteous towards his kingdom and faces a lot of tough decisions to survive. Kaden was my least favorite character throughout the series and for some reason, he made up for being a pompous prick throughout the series. He let go of his obsession and understood the realities of his life and embraced the truths wholeheartedly. I am okay that he finally found love. Pauline was the friend who always supported Lia with her whole heart and found some bitter truths about her life too. But she swallowed the bitter pill and helped the trio in all ways possible. The writing as always was lyrical, ardent, and benevolent. The writer has woven all plot points and gave the ending we deserved. But Mary defiantly made me guess whether Rafe and Lia were going to make it together. (Spoiler: They did make it, but I second-guessed and a lot of times thinking otherwise)

Can't wait to read its spinoff Dance of Thieves. Happy Reading

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