• Sthuti Srinivas

Review: Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Series: Mistborn ERA 2 (2/4)

Book World: The Cosmere

The explosive sequel to Alloy of Law doesn't disappoint us in any way, from action-packed adventures in the Elend Basin to humor-filled conversations and some gut and heart-wrenching revelations, Shadows of Self has it all and many more.

Life in Elendel Basin is evolving, society is changing, technology is advancing, and it’s besmirching the beautiful-but-deeply-troubled city. Civil strife, murder, and assassinations are disrupting this once utopian place, and Wax and Wayne, along with their companion, Marasi, are investigating. The story revolves around our characters searching for a murderer; throughout most of the story, the gang feels like they are always one step behind then the ruthless killer.

Plot builds like a song waiting for the beat to drop and when the beat drops the twist is unexpected and wrenching for us as readers to witness the characters, we love to relive the trauma they hoped to leave behind. But out of all the pain blossoms new relationships and friendships, giving us the hint of maybe not a happily ever after but a better and peaceful future for our crew.

Happy Reading

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